Legably = Flexible Hiring for Attorneys

Attorneys use Legably to find flexible employment, project-by-project and client-by-client.

Legably allows attorneys to handle higher workloads and specialty areas of practice by using other attorneys on-demand.

Use Legably today to be matched with open positions that are in your area or are a good fit for your skills.

Find legal work that suits your schedule

Legably allows you to determine the work arrangements with the other attorney - whether that be remote or in-person, and on a schedule that works for both of you.

Focus on your areas of expertise

Legably allows you to be hired for different types of work, giving you the freedom to select areas of the law that are of interest to you.

Enhance your resume

Legably allows you to grow and enhance your resume, project-by-project and client-by-client so that your time becomes even more valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for signing up?

Legably will automatically put you on our list of eligible attorneys - pending verification of your bar credentials - that is distributed to other attorneys looking for associates or short-term assistance.

What does Legably cost?

Legably is absolutely free to use for attorneys looking for work. Attorneys who are looking to hire through the Legably platform will pay Legably a small percentage of the overall cost of hiring the attorney (either per-hour or per-project).

Are attorneys under contract?

No. If an attorney wishes to hire another attorney for a full-time position over the Legably platform, they are free to do so without buying anyone out of a contract. That's what temp agencies do!

How Can We Help You?

Contact us at support@legably.com for any assistance or questions.

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