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Work On Your Terms

Legably gives attorneys seeking freelance (hourly- or project-based) work the opportunity to find great on-site and remote jobs that match their skill-set, interests, and availability. Whether you’re interested in working as a full-time freelancer or supplementing income from your existing position, Legably is the place to be.

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Connect Directly

The Legably platform facilitates a direct connection between attorneys seeking work and attorneys and firms in need of their services—allowing both parties to get to work quickly and avoid the headaches, inefficiencies, and high-fees associated with traditional legal staffing agencies and hiring processes.

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Grow Your Practice

Legably gives attorneys and firms the ability to handle more clients, generate more revenue, and grow their practices without the overhead and risk associated with hiring a full-time employee by providing access to on-demand services from highly skilled attorneys specializing in a wide-variety of practice areas across the U.S.

How It Works

Attorneys use Legably to connect with each other for practice advice, tips, referrals, and jobs. They share best practices and document templates, among other helpful information. There are several thousand attorneys from all fifty states presently on the Legably platform connecting and collaborating, and who also are ready to help you tackle your next legal project or are looking for their next opportunity. Attorneys on the Legably network are vetted to ensure that they are licensed and in good standing in at least one US jurisdiction.

What Our Freelance Project Marketplace Offers

Post a Project

Post a project on the platform identifying your specific needs, geographic requirements, minimum level of experience, and other criteria.

Hire an Attorney

Attorneys who meet your criteria will be notified and will begin applying to your project. Additionally, you may search through our network of attorneys to invite specific candidates to apply to your project.

Manage Your Project

Easily transfer documents, message your attorney, and set specific deliverables or milestones for your attorney to meet. Follow the work in real time and pay either on a milestone basis or when the entire project is delivered.

Complete Your Project

Complete payment through the Legably platform for all work performed, and rate your attorney for the work they have completed. Legably takes care of all tax reporting for any contractor work performed, so you don’t have to.

Legably attorneys support your existing team or provide standalone legal support. Flexibly manage legal work requiring different practice specialties, state licensure, or other special requirements. Our pool of vetted attorneys are ready today to support your practice, in-house legal team, or legal staffing firm with your needs.

Get Started Today

Sign-up today for free and start exploring great opportunities or finding the attorneys you need to grow your practice.


Legably is the preferred legal staffing solution for users of Clio, a leading global legal practice management software provider.

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